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St. Stephen Press Archive

St. Stephen Playground Grant is bringing a brand new Playground to Alice Price Park

ST. STEPHEN, S.C. -- (Friday, June 3, 2022) - St. Stephen received a grant from South Carolina Department ofParks, Recreation and Tourism in the amount of $26,000 to be able to purchase and install a new playground at the Alice Price Park next to the Pavilion. This new playground has also received a donation from St. Stephen Growth & Development for the safety equipment around the playground. (This donation was made possible by the proceeds from St. Stephen Bingo).

St. Stephen, SC2022 Election Results

ST. STEPHEN, S.C. -- (Wednesday, November 9, 2022) - 

The Berkley County Election Office has declared the results for St. Stephen, SC 2022 General Election:


John Rivers

Town Council:

Robbie Ballentine Jr

Roderick Sumpter

Stanley Tucker

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