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St. Stephen Police Department
Crime Prevention

Police Chief: Lee Wadford

137 Hood Street, St. Stephen, SC 29479


Crime prevention is the attempt to reduce crime and deter criminals.

Community policing is a philosophy of policing based upon the premise that law enforcement officers and members of the community create a partnerships and work together to solve problems related to crime and fear of crime.

Crime prevention and community policing complement each other and share a common purpose of reducing the threat of crime and making communities safer and more secure.

Community policing involves reforming decision making processes, creating new cultures within police departments, and strengthening the relationship between law enforcement and citizens.

Crime prevention provides information and skills that are essential to community policing.

Crime Prevention is:

  • Everyone's Business

  • More than security

  • A responsibility of all levels of government

  • Linked with solving social problems

  • Cost Effective

Crime Prevention Requires:

  • A central position in law enforcement

  • Active cooperation among all elements of the community

  • Education

  • Tailoring to local needs and conditions

  • Continual testing and improvement

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