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St. Stephen Police Department Incident Report

Use this form to file a report for incidents that occurred in the Town Limits of St. Stephen, South Carolina.

For some non-emergency incidents, where there is no imminent threat or danger, and there is no injured person, a report can be made by calling 911, or by completely filling in the below web-based report form.

Example incidents include:

  • Larceny

  • Vandalism

  • Fraud/Breach of Trust

  • Fraudulent checks over $1,000

  • Intimidation

  • Obscene/threatening phone Calls

  • Trespassing (suspect not on scene)

  • Reports for Insurance Purposes Only

  • Reports Civil in Nature

  • Theft of a Motor Vehicle

Incidents that may require that a Police Officer be dispatched include:

  • A suspect is present or an immediate apprehension can be made

  • There is physical evidence to be collected

  • The recovery of stolen vehicles or other stolen property

  • Cases involving assaults and Criminal Domestic Violence

  • Burglaries

St. Stephen Incident Report

Please remember that you can always request to have a Police Officer dispatched to your incident

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